What Others Say About Us

No question, Ideal Senior Care is the best. Besides it’s sparkling interior, the main thing we learned is WHO runs it.


Michelle runs the home with the utmost of professionalism and love. She knows every resident’s nuances, needs, and concerns. It is evident she has experience with all kinds of ageing problems among elderly. 


My wife and I visit at least once a week. We have never seen any problems at all. We feel very lucky to have found Michelle & Mario’s wonderful home. 

David Hertzog

We feel truly blessed to have found Michelle and her husband Mario at Ideal Senior Care. They do an amazing job of “over the top” care with the thought of dignity, respect and concern for the individual’s emotional as well as medical needs. 


Michelle and Mario are always welcoming, flexible, and the communication with family and other caregivers, such as a physicians, is top-notch and always on point. 


As I live out of town, I never worry that my aunt is well taken care of and her daily needs are provided for by this amazing team. I cannot emphasize enough the amazing level of care that is provided.

Maureen G. Rivelle

“Michelle, the owner of Ideal Senior Care, is a compassionate, experienced, and highly competent owner.


As a former Registered Nurse, I have placed my mother in law into her capable hands, in her Adult Family Home.


I highly recommend Ideal Senior Care for the care of those elders that you love.” 

Nathan Shaffer